Management Assessment – Hiring and Developing the Best

Hiring and developing managers in any economy is challenging. Finding a manager with the management competencies, leadership skills, decisive judgment, and intellectual horsepower necessary to help lead your company requires a pre-employment assessment that can thoroughly and accurately assess management abilities and competencies. Management Assessments are a validated approach for hiring and developing managers that our clients are finding more successful than a Personality Profile or an Intelligence measurement.

Assess For Managers is an internet based, expert system that produces evaluations for use in the: executive, managerial, professional and supervisory positions. Developed by organizational psychologists and business leaders, reports are written in plain business language. Assess For Managers assists hiring executives and human resource professionals in two critical human resource functions:

  • Making effective executive and managerial personnel selection, placement, and promotion decisions.
  • Providing objective developmental feedback and suggestions to the person being assessed.

Assess For Managers is really five pre-employment or post employment tests in one: 

  • Critical Thinking (thinking through and solving complex, multifaceted problems), 
  • Abstract Reasoning (thinking through abstract information to grasp new ideas), Mental Alertness (intellectual horsepower), 
  • Personality (25 traits measuring thinking, working and relating characteristics), and 
  • Emotional Intelligence Results can be compared to five different levels management competencies and 72 different executive, managerial, supervisory and professional templates of top performers. All assessments meet and exceed EEOC, ADA, and APA guidelines and requirements.
  • Mental Alertness (intellectual horsepower)

Competency Selection Report

Hiring the Right Manager
Testing for Management Competencies. This pre employment assessment report allows managers to measure a candidate against five levels of management competencies: Executive, Management, Supervisor, Sales Manager and Professional. To see examples of the competencies measured, select from the sample reports below.

Executive Competencies  Management Competencies
Supervisor Competencies Sales Manager Competencies
Professional Competencies  


Competency Development Report

Developing the Manager
Written for the manager, this post employment testing tool helps managers recognize their managerial improvement opportunities and develop them. It provides an in-depth explanation of how the managers’ abilities help and hinder themselves and others on the job. The report provides tailored developmental recommendations including specific actions to take, books to read, and seminars to attend. It culminates in a Developmental Action Plan design to help the manager put the recommendations to work, track progress against competency improvement goals, and improve needed competencies and productivity.

Executive Competencies  Management Competencies
Supervisor Competencies Sales Manager Competencies
Professional Competencies  

Bottom line, there is no more effective tool to assess and develop management competencies, leadership potential, and abilities than the Assess for Managers Program. Call us today at 800-947-5678 to discuss how we can custom fit this validated program to your company’s managerial assessment and management development needs.