Workforce Planning Testimonials

Dear Mr. Zinkand,

I’m writing to let you know how pleased we are with your Work Ethic and Integrity assessment. Before using your assessment, our plant turnover rate was 60%. Last May, we hired 10 employees using your tool. Now, nine months later, all are still with us and only one is having minor difficulty. Best of all, we haven’t had to hire for the position since. Thank you for reducing our turnover! I have passed on you information to my fellow Armstrong Plant HR Managers.

Deb Hill
Armstrong World Industries, Inc
Plant Human Resources Manager

New Dimensions - LookSmart Article
I could ramble on for pages about the importance of baselines and performance benchmarking, but I won’t. Instead, I’d like to introduce you to an individual who can shed some light on an important but often overlooked use for benchmarking: employee performance.

I recently chatted with Bert Zinkand, the director of Employee Selection and Development (www., an employee testing company based in Bradenton, Fla. His firm has invested a significant amount of time to carefully measure the personality traits, skill sets, and work characteristics that top-performing IBM salespeople have in common. This information is being used to test sales applicants and to determine with a high degree of certainty whether or not an individual will be a good match for an organization. In the following interview excerpt, I’d like to share his thoughts on how building materials suppliers can benefit from using a systematic process for hiring employees and ranking performance.

In his own words: “About two years ago, we began working with the lumber and building material industry. We learned that some companies were losing salespeople at an alarming rate–and with margins declining they could no longer afford the cost of turnover. On average, we found the turnover cost of a salesperson to be $15,000 to $17,000. With this in mind, we tested the best salespeople from leading lumber companies in Florida with our personality profile. From this data, we developed a baseline to compare applicants.

“The value of a baseline comparison cannot be understated. The more an applicant is like the baseline, the better he or she will do in the position and the environment. We also found that it takes motivation, drive, and skills to be successful. In many cases, we saw salespeople with all the selling skills and knowledge fail because they lacked drive and motivation. Conversely, we also saw many salespeople with the right drive and motivation fail because they lacked selling skills. Thus, a measurement of selling skills must be combined with a personality profile baseline.

“Finally, we also found that turnover was being caused by personality conflicts. In our process, for example, we can spot these conflicts before they happen because managers can compare their own personality profile to an applicant’s. Everywhere there is a four-point difference in the personality trait scores, there is a conflict waiting to happen. For instance, we measure an ‘aggressive trait.’ Say the boss is an 8 on the aggressive scale and a new hire is 4. Typically, we’ve found that after the first 90 days, the boss sees the new hire as working too slowly, not catching on fast enough, or unmotivated. The new hire sees the boss as too pushy, too controlling, or micro-managing. As a result, in 50 percent of the cases, the new hire usually quits within 150 to 180 days of being hired.

“The bottom line is that by using testing to identify applicants who have the necessary motivation and skills–and can work with a particular boss–a yard can reduce sales turnover by as much as 50 percent! To put it in terms of dollars, if a business turned over 20 people last year, it cost a minimum of $300,000. Why not do testing and put $150,000 toward the bottom line?”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Mike Butts is director of installation services for United Building Centers.


I’ll be glad to speak with you about Employee Selection and Development’s Select Products. We are very pleased with Employee Selection and Development as a resource tool to find the right person for a position. We have gone at times, 3 – 6 months without having to conduct a new employee orientation. We currently have about 140 employees. The turnover is way under industry standards for a financial institution. When we meet for Human Resource roundtables, my peers at other financial organizations around San Antonio are very jealous of our success.

We use the personality profile/teller promoter for tellers and member service representatives. We have used several of the Select tools and the Assess for managers program for management positions

Please call me if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.

Wanda J. Haby
Director of Human Resources Development
San Antonio City Employees FCU


I thought you would like to know that Pro-Motions got selected into Richmond , Virginia ‘s rising 25 which is a list of the fastest growing 25 companies in the area for the year. It’s because of all these great employees your tests have helped me select. If ever you need a testimonial, I’m your guy.

Steve Wolff
Pro-Motions, Inc.

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for making your employment testing system available to my company, Penske  Composites Inc., and to relate a recent use of the test that proved to me that it is a valuable tool in the selection of the  people I need to grow my business. As with most entrepreneurs, I was convinced that my interviewing skills were great  and would never fail me. However, I recently had to hire two people for supervisory positions in my company.

As you  would expect, I used my typical interviewing techniques focusing on taking apart the persons resume, asking some  difficult questions and checking references. I was very high on Alan and not very high on Darren. I ran your Personality  Profile on both Darren and Alan. The test said that Darren would be steady, not flashy, disciplined, discreet, consistent,  and a good all around worker. It described Alan as a person that gets bored quickly; is not in tune with what is going on  around him; is not very decisive; may not work well on his own; and will not complete paperwork. Both men were hired.

Guess which person is working out great and which man is gone. The test was correct. Darren is working out great; he is  perfect for the job and is fun to work with. Alan is gone. He was very moody and did not jump in and get the job done. He  was not happy and we were not happy with him.

I am now convinced of the value of your testing system and will continue to use it as long as I am hiring people. Please  use my company and this letter as a reference if it will help other business owners to make the correct hiring decision the  first time.

Herman Novak
Executive Vice President
Penske Composites Inc.

This letter will serve as my recommendation and support of Employee Selection and Development, Inc., its assessments  and the ongoing support of its president, Bert Zinkand.

This system of assessments is the most cost effective and accurate program I have seen. The assessments are easy to  administer during the initial interview (15 -20 minutes on average). The results give you an incredible amount of  information and a clear cut picture of your prospective candidate. Utilizing a baseline, established through testing your
own top producers, you can actually determine what characteristics are needed to succeed in your organization and way  of doing business.

If you are looking for a tool to aid and streamline your selection process, this is it.

Roy Buchta
Executive Vice President
Interim Heath Care

One of the best parts of your program are the interview questions offered in your assessments. All to often, we do not have  enough time to effectively train new managers on how to interview. The interview questions you provide teaches young  managers what to look for and why. This in turn produces interviews that are focused, revealing and save our managers  time…

Your tools have helped us stabilize our hiring process and have significantly reduced employee turnover. I can think of no  more valuable service.

Tony Nutella
Diversified Communications

I have been using the Sales Strategy Index and Personality Profile tests provided by Employee Selection and Development for over ten years and at several companies that I have worked at. I can not imagine hiring someone without using these valuable tools. They are very easy to use, reasonably priced, the information is given in an easy to read format and provide incredible data to assist you in your hiring process. I would never hire anyone without using these tests.

Additionally, I have found the staff at Employee Selection and Development excellent. They respond quickly, professionally and are ready to assist you in any way that they can. I am always impressed with them.

Anyone who is in a hiring situation should be using these tests before making an offer to any candidate.

Carole Schlocker
President, N. American IT Services

We have been using your personality profile and sales skills assessments for three years and you have saved us tens of thousands of dollars in turnover costs. My sales force turnover rate is down 50%. Best of all your assessments and approach to selection have helped me hire salespeople who have increased my sales 40% in the worst of times. Thank you!

Steve Prins
Vice President of Sales
Ultra Last, Inc.

I took your personality profile, and at first disagreed with the comment that I was very aggressive, intolerant, and could be pushy and overbearing. So at my next staff meeting I circulated my profile to my Vice Presidents, asking them what they thought. To a man and woman, they all fell silent. No one wanted to tell the emperor he had no clothes.

Still not wanting to believe it, I gave the profile to my wife. Her only comment was, “I’ve been telling you this for 10 years. Now do you believe it?”

Since then I have had a personality profile done on everyone in my company. The revelations have been amazing. I found I had great people in the wrong jobs. So I decided to see what would happen if I put them in positions that let them use their strengths. That was two years ago; now my profits are up 41% and my company’s market share has gained 27% in a down market.

Why didn’t I do this 10 years ago when my wife first told me! Thank you for showing me my lack of clothes.

Bob Gilbert
Digital First, Inc.

We have enjoyed utilizing the Personality Profile Tests, which have given us an insight into applicant’s personality types. This in turn has given us the opportunity to place new hires in positions working with people whom their personalities are complementary.

The Sales Skills Analysis Tests have given us the opportunity to analyze both current employees, and potential new hires to determine their strengths and weaknesses in the selling arena. With this information, we have begun implementing training that is more appropriate to the individual needs.

The Work Ethic Test / Opinion Survey  has certainly given us insight into applicant’s values and has given us the opportunity to ask additional pertinent interview questions. We have found that some applicants try to play a game and enter only one’s or ten’s for their answers. Normally other serious employment deficiencies become apparent during the applicant screening process for those folks who attempt to “trick the system.”

We are very pleased with our hiring successes during 2004 and accredit much of our success to the pre-employment screening process. We are also pleased with the progress of our sales associates during 2004 and contribute much of that success to utilizing the Sales Skills Analysis.

Thank you for your part in our success.

Dora G. Strickland, PHR
Human Resources
Diamond hill Plywood Company