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Bert Zinkand


New Trends in Sales Force Development

In today’s economy, developing your sales force to maximum potential is an economic necessity. No longer can sales managers afford to hold on to salespeople who perform below expectations. You have used the best selection tools available to help you hire top producers. The second step to peak performance is ensuring new hires deliver on your investment. Now there is a way to help sales managers and salespeople plan that road map to success and deliver on their full potential.

Years in development, the SalesMax Developmental Report identifies strengths and improvement opportunities based on a salesperson’s personality, selling skills and motivations. It provides proven developmental actions and training recommendations that improve performance based on the salesperson’s strengths, improvement opportunities and motivations. To give you an idea of how it works, attached is real life report. The name has been changed privacy reasons.

The report is organized into 4 sections:

1) Your Profile - Page 4 – graphically shows the salesperson’s scores in Sales Behavior (personality traits that have been validated to predict success in sales), Sales Knowledge , and Sales Motivations. Very powerful tool. Often wakes up marginal producers. Pages 5-6 explain the scores in more detail.

2) Development Suggestions Based on Personality - Pages 8-14 explain the personality behavior or trait that is limiting the salesperson and recommends activities, actions, books, tapes, and seminars to improve performance.

3) Development Suggestions Based onKnowledge - Page 15 recommends books, tapes and seminars based on their sales knowledge scores.

4) Developmental Action Plan - Pages 16-20 covers a step by step process to help the salesperson create a developmental action plan. We have found that if the plan is completed with a handshake agreement and tied to compensation, sales have improved 25% in 12 months.

This tool is Internet based and can be implementeda phone call. If you would like to discuss this in more detail or begin using this proven tool, please call us at 800-947-5678.