Hire Maximum Producers with SalesMax

In today’s economy, hiring maximum producers is an economic necessity. No longer can managers afford to hire salespeople who perform below expectations.

Now there is a pre-employment testing solution:

Employee Selection and Development softare and online employment testing measure personality, sales aptitude, basic aptitude, call reluctance, and work ethic, to improve employee teamwork and careers

  • Predicts the level of success of the candidate;
  • Measures selling skills;
  • Determines what motivates the individual;
  • Provides in depth interview questions;
  • Provides management suggestions to jump start the new hire;
  • Is fully validated to predict success and meets all EEOC and ADA requirements.

Years in development, the SalesMax Selection tool identifies strengths and improvement opporutnities based on a salesperson’s personality, selling skills and motivations. The SalesMax Selection Report helps managers and salespeople plan that road map to success and deliver on their potential. If you would like to see how it works, click on the “Sample SalesMax Selection Report” link below.

This pre-employment testing tool is internet based and can be implemented with a phone call. If you would like to set up an account and begin using SalesMax Selection today, call 800-947-5678.


Sample SalesMax Selection Report

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