In order to bring you the most accurate and useful information possible, Employee Selection and Development, Inc. will be issuing PRACTICAL RESEARCH REPORTS quarterly. Its purpose is to give you practical and useful information on hiring, motivating, and managing employees. Should you have any questions or want further elaboration, please contact us by email or call 800-947-5678.

Bert Zinkand


New Developments In Selection Testing

For many years, managers have used a personality assessment with a benchmark or baseline comparison as one of the steps in helping them select the right candidate. To be sure, it is a proven and effective method. Now, there is something better. It is a validated approach that combines measurements of core personality competencies, integrity and work ethic, and key job tasks. Best of all, it combines all of the above into a score that predicts success and includes in depth interview questions to explore potential road blocks. Recent research shows that this combination of assessments has proven 19% – 24% more effective in pre-employment selection than just a personality profile.

Sound too good to be true Look at a sample report from the Select Family of Position Specific Assessments. Please review the key sections of:

  • Random Response accuracy index to show if the results are valid.
  • Integrity Index measures work ethic and integrity.
  • Performance Index overall score that predicts success in the position.
  • Performance Sub Scale Analysis a breakdown of the core personality competencies that predict success. Flags those areas that are potential roadblocks to success.
  • Job Task Responses tells if a candidate will do the difficult job tasks that are important to success in the position.
  • Structured Interview helps managers who do not know how to interview conduct a successful interview. Includes pre-interview checklists and provides interview questions on the potential roadblocks to success based on the candidate’s scores.
  • Selection Process Checklist - to ensure the essential selection steps were covered.

Positions Covered by the Select Family

Each of the following positions have had a complete job analysis to determine the core behavioral competencies, work ethic and job tasks necessary for success. The scales have been validated to predict success. Here is a list of the position assessments developed to date:

  • Receptionist
  • Administrative Support- for administrative assistants, secretaries, office support personnel and temporaries.
  • Customer Service- for customer service representatives, order clerks, client services representatives.
  • Hospitality Staff for Restaurants and Hotels- for front desk personnel, wait staff.
  • Production and Distribution- for manufacturing and assembly team members, operators, drivers and warehouse personnel.
  • Retail Clerks/Cashiers - for people who enjoy in a retail store where active selling is not required. A measurement of basic math can be added.
  • Retail Sales Associates - for retail positions where active selling required and customer loyalty is desired. A measurement of Retail Math ca be added.
  • Retail Store Managers- identifies managers who will succeed in small retail stores or department managers in large format stores. A Retail Math module can be added.
  • Health Care- identifies people who can work directly with or around patients displaying an empathetic, service oriented attitude while providing superior care in such positions as nurse, nurse’s aides, technician, transporting personnel, and office admitting personnel.
  • Call Centers- identifies people who can work effectively with customers to produce results for inbound sales, inbound service and outbound sales roles.
  • Help Desk Agents - for people who will work efficiently to solve technical support problems, exceed customer expectations and work collaboratively with others to resolve help desk issues.
  • Leasing Agents- identifies people who will have a positive service attitude and influence prospects to rent or lease units in their complexes.
  • Convenience Store Management - For people who will manage a small team of associates to serve and sell to customers in convenience stores and gas stations.

Validation and Questions

If you have questions on this family of assessments or if you would to learn how the assessments were constructed and how they predict success, please call 800-947-5678. We will happily discuss the assessments with you and email the appropriate validation study.