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Bert Zinkand


New Trends in Sales Force Selection

For years it was thought personality testing could determine a salesperson’s level of success. Managers looked for fire, drive, and hunger. When actual results were reviewed, this method proved marginally successful if you were good at interpreting personality scores. A variant of this method, benchmarking, allowed hiring managers to compare candidates to top producers currently in their sales force. Unfortunately, most benchmarks didn’t work because;

  • the sample size was to small (less than 100) or;
  • the benchmark did not compare the scores of top producers to bottom producers to spot critical personality differences or;
  • the scales being measured were not statistically validated to predict sales success.

Now there is a tool that has been statistically validated to predict a candidate’s the level of sales success. It is called SALESMAX. It works because you are measuring three critical areas of sales:

  1. Personality These specific traits that have been validated to predict success in sales. Now managers can see if candidates have the raw materials necessary to perform in the top half of their sales force.
  2. Consultative Selling Skills - Includes prospecting, creating a first impression, qualifying, presenting, overcoming objections, closing, etc. These scores show sales managers what level of selling skills candidates have and where they will need training.
  3. Personal Motivators Research has discovered salespeople have seven basic motivators. It is no longer only about the money. Knowing which motivators are most important to your sales force helps managers motivate salespeople to deliver maximum results.

Take time and review this important new tool and open the SalesMax Selection Report. Not only does it include the information above, it also contains the Interview Questions we recommend managers ask the candidate and his or her references. Your Salesmax Report concludes with Management Suggestions to help managers jumpstart their new hires.

Bottom line, Salesmax is the most highly validated, predictive consultative selling assessment available. Skeptical Let us prove it to you. If you are a manager with 25 or more employees, call us at800-947-5678 for a free consultation. Don’t take this offer lightly. Experience it for yourself.

The discussion of the above management competency is part of our Assess for Managers Selection and Development program. This program currently has 38 defined management competencies that have been organized into five management levels. These competencies can also be custom tailored to your company’s management positions. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please call us at 800-947-5678.