In order to bring you the most accurate and useful information possible, Employee Selection and Development, Inc. will be issuing PRACTICAL RESEARCH REPORTS quarterly. Its purpose is to give you practical and useful information on hiring, motivating, and managing employees. Should you have any questions or want further elaboration, please contact us by email or call 800-947-5678.

Bert Zinkand


New Developments in Manager Testing


This Practical Research Report is addressed to all clients, managers and business owners 50 years old or older. According to Department of Labor statistics, 50% of America’s experienced managers will retire in the next decade. The impact of this demographic occurrence is momentous. We knew it was coming, but most of us have been so focused on making our operations globally competitive that we have not considered the impact. Here are some basic questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the succession plan to identify up and coming managers? Is it based on objective or subjective information?
  • What is the developmental plan to help potential managers develop the competencies necessary to take your experienced manager’s place?
  • What is the retention plan to ensure you protect your investment in these rising managers and have a compatible and competent team?

If you have the answers to these questions, you need read no further. If you don’t or you want to double check your decisions, then consider the following. Experience and our clients have taught us that there are three key areas that must be measured to ensure you have the right manager. They are:

  • Competencies By competencieswe mean Driving for Results, Managing Others, Coaching and Developing Others, Championing Change, etc.” These are the management competencies necessary to function at the five general levels of management.
  • People Skills By people skills, we mean the emotional intelligence needed to tune into themselves and others.”
  • Intellectual Abilities By intellectual abilities, we mean the “ability to think strategically, tactically and have the intellectual horsepower to process data quickly.”

A management assessment and development program has been developed to measure these key areas and compare candidates or existing managers to 72 different management databases of known top performers. The program is called Assess for Managers . Below are links you can use to see a sample Selection Report, Development Report, and Database Comparison Report for a mid-level management position. Please take a moment and review the reports. Then call me and let’s discuss the impact to your organization. There is no charge for the discussion. If you would rather explore all that the Assess for Managers program offers on the web, please go to

Bottom line, the future of what we have built relies on us making the right management succession choices.

Validation and Questions

If you have questions on this family of assessments or if you would to learn how the assessments were constructed and how they predict success, please call 800-947-5678. We will happily discuss the assessments with you and email the appropriate validation study.