Employee Appraisal, Assessment, and Evaluation

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Since 1990; the Harvard Business School has compiled an HR Scorecard measuring the performance of 435 public companies. Companies in the top 10 percent of strategic HR practices tend to perform much better than those in the bottom 10 percent of HR rankings

  • Using validated tests in the hiring process is a smart HR practice.
  • Nearly half of the top HR performers have strategic HR plans.
  • Comprehensive employee training is a solid investment.
  • HR-focused companies choose from more than four times as many qualified job candidates.
  • Top HR companies have top-performing people.
  • When you value your people, market value can soar.

Of the HR practices said to be in place in your organization, how many are actually implemented? As it turns out, there are often significant inconsistencies between perception and reality. Based on average results obtained since 2006, we uncovered these HR performance roadblocks:

  • 89% of survey respondents indicated that they had collected signed acknowledgments that employee handbooks had been received, yet among those we validated, only 61% of personnel files actually contained these acknowledgements.
  • 94% of survey respondents indicated that they conducted employee performance reviews, yet among those we validated, only 34% of employee files contained performance reviews.
  • 71% of survey respondents indicated that they used job descriptions as part of their performance management processes. Considering the legal ramifications of not having job descriptions on file, we were surprised by this startlingly low figure – but the reality was even more surprising. Among those we validated, only 20% of jobs had written descriptions.
  • 88% of survey respondents indicated that they had obtained signed employment applications, yet among those we validated, only 67% had proper applications on file.

Although you may not identify these kinds of performance-robbing and risk-laden inconsistencies within your organization, it’s quite likely that many of them exist. That’s why the onsite validation is such an important tool for revving up performance and productivity.

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